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Tutorials - Nov 10, 2022

What is Stakepadi?

Posted By Stakepadi

Stakepadi is a marketplace for buying and selling sports betting predictions and tips. It's a platform built to bring bettors and predictors together to help each other win BIGGER. In a nutshell, Stakepadi is changing how people buy and sell football predictions/tips.

Stakepadi puts together the world’s best predictors who carefully research coming matches and share with you the tips and predictions, they are most confident in, with a high winning chance. It is the most reliable betting tips platform you can find.

Why Choose Stakepadi?

Aside from us giving you a whole new experience in buying and selling sports betting tips, there are a couple of things that make us stand out:

No Subscription

You don't have to worry about paying huge subscription fees on so-called ‘VIP Channels’ and not getting value for your money. With Stakepadi, you buy tips for any amount whenever you want to bet.

Money Back if Loss

Our Money Back Guarantee policy ensures that any tip you buy and do not play as predicted; your money will be refunded to you in full. Only pay for tips that help you win. With Stakepadi, you don’t lose money, you only make more money!

Tips From All Leagues

We bring you tips from games in all major and minor football leagues in order to increase your chance of winning. We are also working on adding more sports categories like basketball and tennis to give you more choices.

24/7 Support

Our customer support is available to help you resolve any issue at any time. You can easily reach our support via the WhatsApp chat button on the website or send an email to We are here to help you win.

How it Works

Stakepadi gives you a constant stream of thrilling victories in only four short steps

Sign Up as a Bettor

Click on the get started button and register as a bettor. You can follow the link here.

Check Out Games

Browse through the tips market for tips (predictions and tickets) shared by expert predictors.

Buy a Prediction

Pay for a tip you’re confident in using your wallet after you have funded your wallet.

Bet & Win

Receive your tip on your dashboard via your history. Go to any bookie of your choice and place your bet and win.

Start Betting Like a Pro and Winning Bigger with Stakepadi today!

Get started with Stakepadi today with a free account - you can create one here. You'll find the option to either get started as a Bettor or a Predictor. Choose the option that applies.

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