Tutorials - Nov 14, 2022

How to sign up on Stakepadi

Posted By Stakepadi

Creating a Stakepadi account is free, easy, and can be done in a few minutes. The steps below should guide you on how to sign up on Stakepadi.

Creating a Stakepadi account

  • Begin by tapping on the menu icon on the top right hand of your phone and tap on the button 'Get Started'.

  • Next, you should see this page below with the URL https://stakepadi.com/register Provide your full name, (this should be the name on your bank account in order to facilitate easy processing of payments), a valid email address, a valid phone number, and choose a strong password (use a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols). You can enter a referrer ID if you have one. Select who you want to sign up as; Bettor (buy tips & bet like a pro) or a Predictor (sell tips and help bettors win) and then click ‘Get Started’ to proceed.

  • At this point, your account has been created. However, we'll need more information about you and you before you can start using Stakepadi. You'll be redirected to another page asking for more information, simply provide all that is required to complete your profile setup.

  • Once your profile setup is complete you'll be redirected to your dashboard. Congratulations, you've just created your Stakepadi account! Don't forget to verify your email so you can earn your first badge.

  • After creating your account, if you are a bettor, you will be prompted to fund your wallet before you can buy tips on the platform. A minimum of N1000 is required to fund your wallet.

  • If you registered as a predictor, ensure to verify your email address and add your payment details to be able to make withdrawals on the platform. Your name has to match the one on your bank details.