Tutorials - Nov 16, 2022

How to Buy Predictions/Tips on Stakepadi

Posted By Stakepadi

Buying sports betting tips on Stakepadi is easy, and straightforward. The steps below should guide you on how to sign up on Stakepadi.

Buying betting tips on Stakepadi

  • On your dashboard, click on the menu and click on ‘Tips Market’. A dropdown will open up to select if you want to buy a prediction or a ticket tip. Select your preferred choice.

  • Browse through the tips shared by expert predictors. You can filter the predictions/tips base on the predictor’s win rate or expert level. When you see a tip you're confident in, click the buy button to buy the tip.

  • A popup will appear to confirm your interest in buying the tip. Click on proceed to pay. The set amount of the tip will be deducted from your wallet immediately.

  • Congratulations, you have bought a tip. You can proceed to view the tip or continue to buy more tips.
  • Open your History to check the tips you bought and proceed to your bookies of choice and place your bet. Note: If the games did not play as predicted, your money will be refunded to your wallet. Ensure to bet the game as predicted to avoid misunderstanding.

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