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How Secured is Stakepadi?

Posted By Stakepadi

We at Stakepadi, take the security of your account and the entire platform very seriously. We have been continuously building on new features to further ensure that the platform is safe and secured.

Technology and Security.

We use HSTS to ensure browsers interact with Stakepadi only over HTTPS. All your data and transactions are kept 100% secure and encrypted, and our security measures adhere to the highest safety and security standards.

Wallet Funding/Deposits.

Funding your Stakepadi wallet is processed by our third-party payment partners. All payments made through a debit card are secured and the card details are encrypted using AES-256 GCM while the decryption keys are stored on a separate machine. As such, cards are not stored as plain numbers but securely hidden.

Sharing Your Account Information.

We strongly suggest that no other person should have access to your account information. Stakepadi and its employees will never ask you for your password or OTP. Also, please do not enter your password / OTP on any platform other than the Stakepadi website.

Phishing Sites.

  • Please be aware of phishing websites. Stakepadi will never ask you to enter your Stakepadi credentials or verify your Stakepadi password / OTP to receive any gifts.
  • Stakepadi does not share Bonuses on other platforms. All gifts sent by Stakepadi are directly credited to your Padi Wallet.
  • Please do not trust apps or websites that promise to give you a bonus, discounts, or increase your wallet balances.
  • Do not download any unverified Apps shared on social media or via messaging platforms such as Whatsapp. We do not endorse these apps or websites. Please avoid logging into Stakepadi via random links sent to you. Our only official Stakepadi URL is www.stakepadi.com
  • If you receive an email, SMS, or other communication requesting your Password please forward this to our support email support@stakepadi.com and delete the email.

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