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Frequenty Asked Questions

Questions you need answers to. If you have any additional questions, please contact support.

Stakepadi is a marketplace for betting enthusiasts to buy and sell betting tips.

To be part of the Stakepadi community, click here to Sign Up. It’s completely FREE to register.

Betting tips on Stakepadi are shared by well-vetted expert predictors, who are dedicated to hours of reviewing, monitoring, and analyzing odds and bookies; in turn, offering our bettors the most accurate tips.

We have soccer prediction maestros who are 100% consistent in giving accurate football predictions--they are that good.

This is probably the question we get asked the most by people who are thinking about buying tips. The answer is simple – because all our predictors are professionals. Gambling should be approached as an investment. If you were going to invest your money in the stock market would you try to go at it yourself or would you employ a broker that has experience, connections, a track record of success, and an in-depth knowledge of the industry? Gambling is what most predictors do. While you are spending time at your job, with your family, or doing what ever it is that you do, our predictors are hard at work doing research and planning for the next opportunity.

On Stakepadi, you can find tips for games in almost every football league in the world. We cover tips on major leagues including; Premier League Tips, Championship Tips, La Liga Tips, Bundesliga Tips, Serie A Tips, and Ligue 1 Tips. If we don't cover any league, ask us and we WILL cover it!

Yes! There are free prediction tips on the website. However, to Win BIGGER, we advise you to buy the paid for tips, they are all affordable.

Yes. We are big on real names here. This helps us to verify your identity and transactions (Deposits and Withdrawals).

Your account number is required for you to make withdrawals on our platform. That is where your money (earnings) is sent.

You can’t. Stakepadi is a soccer prediction site and not a betting site. You get tips here and stake your bet on your favorite betting platform.

To become a predictor, you have to possess good knowledge and experience in football predictions. To sign up, click here to register.

Yes, we are big on real names here. This help us to verify your identity especially for us to process your payments (Deposits and Withdrawals).

Your account number is required for you to make withdrawals on our platform. That is where your money (earnings) is sent to.

If your account was not activated then it means you didn’t meet the criteria to be a predictor on the platform. If you think this was an error, please contact SUPPORT for clarification.

To keep the platform sane and minimize losses, we automatically suspend any predictor's account with a record of 10 straight lost games or an average of less than 50% wins. If you think your account was wrongly suspended, please contact SUPPORT for clarification.

There are two ways to earn on Stakepadi. First, share your referral link with family and friends and earn a commission; second, register as a predictor and sell football predictions on the platform.

When you share your referral link, you earn 5% from the first deposit of all who register through the link. Start sharing to start earning.

As much as you can. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the platform, you will earn from all their first deposits.

Earnings from any referral you make are automatically deposited in your wallet. You can withdraw whenever you want.